35 thoughts on “P.P.P – Penis Portrait Project – send in your pictures!

  1. Had this idea for an artist to do re: “penisart” if any of this sort is interested and could post on this site: A tank with multiple gun turrets, each shaped as a realistic upwardly pointing erect cock with random amounts of ejaculate spurting from each…..the caption “Promote Mass Insemination, not Mass Destruction”.

    • Hi, yes PPP is still valid and going. We update around once every two to three weeks. feel free to express yourself :-). regards

  2. Bonjour, La Maison de l’image de Bruxelles organise en mars 2015 une exposition intitulée Penis Art. Nous vous demandons l’autorisation d’utiliser 3 images de votre site et si possible dans une haute définition. Il s’agit de :
    1 Crocheted penis by Jack Davis /
    2 Ceramic penis shoe / by Debie Oulu /
    3 Herman Makkinks-Cinetic Sculpture rocking machine from Orange Mécanique.
    Vous pouvez voir le niveau de nos exposition sur le site ci-dessus.
    Voici l’intention de l’expo : “La plupart des sociétés, qu’elles soient primitives, antiques ou actuelles ont peu ou prou produit des images du membre viril de l’homme. Dans la partie contemporaine de cette exposition, La Maison de l’Image incite les auteurs à en produire une vision ludique qui évacue les symboles phalliques tels que la colonne ou autre pierre dressée, pour se concentrer de façon impertinente sur le Pénis pur et dur…”
    Merci pour votre réponse,
    Michel Michiels, fondateur de la Maison de l’Image

    • Hello, sorry for my late response, We would be pleased for you to use these images as long as the artists receive credit for their work. regards

  3. Great site. Its time the penis is depicted in an honest way. Usually people tend to think there is something prurient about it. I am a free lancer and have had some photos removed from agencies for explicitness. I dont have any on my website right now. I will be submitting some pictures in the coming days for your website….
    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Hei again,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I am emailing you separately a couple of images for your PPP section. As above, I have played around with the male nude but agencies have not shown much interest. You can check out my female nude on my website Redlandphoto.com under GALLERIES and PORTFOLIO or FIGURE STUDIES. I would also like to be in your main gallery with some of my shots. I have more.

  5. Gee, thanks. I just saw my two pictures , one in each of your galleries. They are in the company of great images and sculptures.
    Your site has inspired me to do more male nudes. I think one or two came out interesting. I will submit them soon for your opinion.

    • Hello, I believe that legally as these pictures are posted anonymously there is no need for permission to use these photos. I would be interested to see your artwork when you are done. You can submit it to our official gallery for artists.

  6. Are you still accepting photos? I have a pretty interesting piece of sculpture of mine that has a hard to miss penis incorporated into it. I would love to send you a pic. Thanks, Edgar

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