Free the Penis – Pablo Cobo

The following are some very colorful and humorous art pieces by artist Pablo Cobo, as well as his response when I asked him why he makes penis art.


penis art by Pablo Cobo IMG_3102 IMG_3104 IMG_3243

I am a Mexico City-based artist, obsessed by sexuality and everything around it.

I’m also homosexual (although I’m a huge critic of labels, this piece of information helps understand why my main theme is ‘the penis’)

I have painted, drawn, sculped and photographed penises, they are the center of my creative exploration.

Through my short career, I have explored different angles about sexuality, from the mundane to the complex:

The cicle of sexual acceptation in the history of humanity.

The inmersion of sexuality in insults.

¿Why are we so afraid of sexuality?

¿Is it posible that this centurys’ individualism, cuts sex off the picture?

¿Where does ‘prudish’ come from, and why does it still exist?

The changing definiton of genitals in different cultures.

¿Why does the figure of the penis causes laughter or disgust, and rarely excitment?

The evolution of the relationship love-sex, from mariage to distant relatives.


For me to create a penis, or any sexual scenario including it, is a liberation. In a way I’m making a statement of who I am, I’m telling the spectator of the piece: that is O.K., it’s normal, and most important, is so beautiful. I’m also rebelling from those fake moral standars, created by fake moral authorities.


In my country, my city and my culture, it’s really hard for people to understand penis as it is. Most of the time is found vulgar or dirty (despite the fact thats is hanging between every male legs).

It’s confussing and truly anoying. And of course the reactions to my work are proportional to this mentality.






Pablo Cobo

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