Berlin Artist – Herve’ unveils his new series – “Little Monsters”

Herve’ is a photographer living in Berlin.  His new series, Little Monsters has an interesting twist to it, as well as an interesting title.

When I asked Herve’ what motivated him to create this series, his answer was:

The small – but all too big – difference between men and women is over coded with meanings, fraught with expectations, that have turned an innocent difference into a millennium-old hierarchy.

The series Little Monsters revisits the infamous object and offers a de-constructive reflection on its symbolic power. Those little monsters do not have a male body to support them, nor to inject them with the blood needed to perform their erected glory. But they are not dead. They get a life of their own, no longer threatening, almost comic. In Hervé’s visual study qualities like force, domination and power are dissolved but leave a trace. In the space of their absence we can suddenly see anew — with empathetic eyes — a strange and vulnerable organ that hardly resembles its old self.

.Little monsters3 Little monsters

I asked him how people have responded to his work:

So far people have smiled and were very curious, as they have never thought a penis could evoke such associations. The images resemble cute little monsters, not hard errected power-tools. This approach is meant to be a humorous comment on the visual representation of the penis in porn and elsewhere.
What do you think?
To see the whole series, go here:

Another Penis Project ….. looking for submissions…. looks interesting by Tristan Dirk Stamm

This artist (who I love his work by the way, you can check it out here) is starting a new project …. check it out…..
I am making a photographic database exploring the ways penises and testicles look during mundane and private moments.  My goal is to build a detailed study of a body part, an examination of the way it moves, falls, sits, twists, contracts, pulls and shrinks during everyday movements, movements usually obscured by clothing.  Those participating would choose one or multiple actions from a provided list and photograph themselves from multiple viewpoints (top, bottom, front, back, each side).  Here are a view examples:
  • Sitting cross-legged
  • Sitting on a chair with legs touching
  • Sitting on a chair with legs apart
  • Sitting on a chair with legs crossed, thighs touching
  • Sitting on a chair with legs crossed, ankle on knee
  • Sitting on the floor with feet on the floor (knees up), legs apart
  • Sitting on the floor with feet on the floor (knees up), legs together
  • Butterfly position
  • Doing a split
  • Bending over (legs straight), with legs touching
  • Bending over (legs straight), with legs apart
  • Squatting
Photographs should be submitted anonymously through this Tumblr with the action and viewpoint included in the description.  A complete list of the actions wanted can be found through the same link.
Submissions will be collected for the next year, then compiled into an online and physical database.  For more information, visit or

Artist Lydia Reeves puts a feminine twist to her “penis art”

9 11 Dominance, Power and Serene Harmony (1) Dominance, Power and Serene Harmony (2) Dominance, Power and Serene Harmony (3)

When I saw Lydia Reeves works of art centering around the penis, I was immediately struck by the femininity of the pieces.  I mean, we are used to g seeing flowers when looking at vagina art (Georgia O’Keeffe, and Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party) but not so much when depicting the penis.  I like the change of view.  The way it makes us look at the beauty of the penis and how it combines well with the pastoral landscapes.  I decided to ask the artist a few questions about her art, and the following is what she said:


(below is interview with Lydia Reeves)


I am now a Brighton based artist, having graduated from the Bournemouth Arts University with First Class Honors in BA Fine Art earlier this year.

For me, my paintings are an exploration of male and female, masculine and feminine. The soft and delicate, juxtaposed with the strong and powerful, where two worlds collide, and perhaps create harmony.

My paintings are miniature creations (usually smaller than 13x9cm). All of my imagery was sourced from an online ‘dating’ website, where I used photographs which men had set as their profile pictures. I have reinterpreted these crude and sexualised photographs to give them a whole new meaning. Because of the very small scale, the detail and my reinterpretation, I feel that in my art the penis is looked at in a different way to usual. They are no longer aggressive, intimidating or threatening photographs, but romantic, beautiful creations which entice the viewer in to study every aspect.

I have stood and had many debates with all sorts of people whilst studying my art work about sex; pornography; the naked body; gender roles; beauty in the human form and penis size. If my work can create and allow open and honest conversation about these important and sometimes ‘taboo’ topics, amongst other things, then I feel as though I am creating a great thing.

 A lot of my paintings produce this attract and then repel notion of being drawn in by the technicality of the painting and really wanting to look, but then suddenly being aware of what you’re looking at and realising that you’ve been staring at a penis for an uncomfortable amount of time…

Free the Penis – Pablo Cobo

The following are some very colorful and humorous art pieces by artist Pablo Cobo, as well as his response when I asked him why he makes penis art.


penis art by Pablo Cobo IMG_3102 IMG_3104 IMG_3243

I am a Mexico City-based artist, obsessed by sexuality and everything around it.

I’m also homosexual (although I’m a huge critic of labels, this piece of information helps understand why my main theme is ‘the penis’)

I have painted, drawn, sculped and photographed penises, they are the center of my creative exploration.

Through my short career, I have explored different angles about sexuality, from the mundane to the complex:

The cicle of sexual acceptation in the history of humanity.

The inmersion of sexuality in insults.

¿Why are we so afraid of sexuality?

¿Is it posible that this centurys’ individualism, cuts sex off the picture?

¿Where does ‘prudish’ come from, and why does it still exist?

The changing definiton of genitals in different cultures.

¿Why does the figure of the penis causes laughter or disgust, and rarely excitment?

The evolution of the relationship love-sex, from mariage to distant relatives.


For me to create a penis, or any sexual scenario including it, is a liberation. In a way I’m making a statement of who I am, I’m telling the spectator of the piece: that is O.K., it’s normal, and most important, is so beautiful. I’m also rebelling from those fake moral standars, created by fake moral authorities.


In my country, my city and my culture, it’s really hard for people to understand penis as it is. Most of the time is found vulgar or dirty (despite the fact thats is hanging between every male legs).

It’s confussing and truly anoying. And of course the reactions to my work are proportional to this mentality.






Pablo Cobo

This picture was sent in as part of the PPP project, but I think I’ll post it in the Art Gallery – What do you think?

This picture was sent in by “Anonymous”.  It was not his first picture.   His first pictures were for the PPP project and they were these:

DSC03999  IMG05094-20110703-1204


I thought they were interesting, yet what was more interesting was what he wrote:

“I have always considered the penis as an art form. I have spent some time attempting to show the penis as a beautiful and powerful image through my own photography. I have attached a couple of images for you, I hope you consider them to be suitable for your page. I would love to hear any feedback you have.”

We began writing back and forth, and he began experimenting with new photographs.  One was very interesting and thought provoking but since it had his face in it and he  wishes to remain anonymous it will not be posted.   This one however will be posted in the Gallery page, as I think it a very interesting piece of art not only for the work itself but the motivation behind it.  As “Anonymous” wrote to me:
“Although they are still very much a celebration of male sexuality and blatantly display the penis, I think that the composition is much better. These images to me represent a general glorification of the male nude which I feel is somewhat repressed in our society. It is so easy to access images of female nudes (which I also like very much) but I think it is a shame that the male form (especially aroused) is somewhat overlooked as a none attractive proposition. As a 30+ male, I have been interested in both the female and male form and whilst I would admit that the female nude by default can look more attractive than the male, I do think that the male body captured naked and artistically is quite a wonderful thing.”
Shaded nude male





Interview with Czech Artist NATAS

I would like to introduce to you artist Eva Nováková, who goes by the name NATAS in her artwork.  Below is an interview with the artist, and afterwards you can see some of her stimulating and thought provoking work on her website links below.  Way to go NATAS! keep up the interesting art!

Natas works in many mediums including photography, painting, and poetry.  Her works are displayed in Prague in alternative venues such as music clubs and web galleries.  She says she has trouble in showing her work in more conventional venues:

“The Czechs are overly prudish and false. They make sex, talking about it, but do not say it out loud. Someone likes it, the other does not. Somebody nature seems rude,inappropriate and disruptive.”

“In writing and painting enjoying sex symbol as a mirror of society and the times in which we live. The company is falselyprudish. In drawing express their opinions, attitudes, emotions on topics such as: relationships, polygamy, infidelity, politics, society, morality, and more. I paint what people in the Czech Republic afraid to say. “

Why do you use the penis in your work?

“Why penis? It is a collection of “How do men love to play,” interested me growing trend of eroticism through the internet and anonymity associated with it.” 

How to play men IV. - bound in chains

Sketch 1: How to play men VI. – every dick needs a nightie (pajamas), sheet A3 / 297 × 420 millimeters, Technique: drawing – alcohol fix, Symbolism: Men love outfits and costumes. Fetishism with humor. 
How to play men VI. - every dick needs a nightie (pajamas)
Sketch 2: How to play men IV. – bound in chaos, sheet A3 / 297 × 420 millimeters, Technique: drawing – alcohol fix,Symbolism: Men like to have fun and try new things. Interest men of experiment bordering on extreme performance self-denial, without realizing the potential consequences. The growing trend submisivyty in men. Desire to be humbled andrecharged. 

Link to NATAS  profile:

Link to NATAS web:

An interview with artist Tristan Stamm

What does the penis mean to you in your art?
“I use the penis in my artwork for multiple reasons, all which are twisted together and play off one another.  I have a hard time taking them apart and explaining the individual pieces.  It’s much easier for me to explain individual projects: this project explores societal power structures; this one looks at my obsession/fascination with my own penis; and this one tries to understand why a large part of our identities is tied to body parts we have no role in choosing.”
Why do you sculpt and draw the penis?
A lot of how I understand myself and the world is through the natural sciences.  My artwork is my way of taking ecological and biological systems and using them to deconstruct  cultural norms and power structures.
Everything revolves around sex.  Animals search for food, fight and travel long distances in order to survive long enough to pass their genetics on to the next generation.  Everything in biology can be traced back to sex, whether its the search of a partner or the overarching structure of our world.
In short, I use the penis in my artwork because I find it to be the best object to use when talking about multiple issues at once.  I find the penis to be one of the most versatile metaphors.
What reactions have you had to your art?
Most of the reactions to my work have been positive.  People will laugh at first, and then seek me out in private to talk about their experiences in more depth.  While more people want to talk to me about my art because of my use of penises, no one wants to show my work.  That’s been the biggest hurtle–finding any space that will allow me to hang a bunch of dicks on the wall.
Thank you Tristan for your thoughtful answers, and keep up the great and interesting art work!
If you want to see more of Tristans work, check out the web site:

Stamm_Pinecone Stamm_TattooSeries-Back Stamm_TheClash Stamm_TheClashPart1 Stamm_TheClashPart2 Stamm_TransparentlyScrewed

This art project is very close to my ….. heart :-)

This is what it says on the web page:

101 Penis

This project is about breaking down the taboos around penises
and our bodies in general.

It is about giving expression to men to speak from and about their penises.

To generate dialogue, acceptance, understanding, peace.


Wow!  this is for all you guys who keep sending me photos of your penises – a chance to get it published in print!  You can also tell your stories.

Check out the web site: