This art project is very close to my ….. heart :-)

This is what it says on the web page:

101 Penis

This project is about breaking down the taboos around penises
and our bodies in general.

It is about giving expression to men to speak from and about their penises.

To generate dialogue, acceptance, understanding, peace.


Wow!  this is for all you guys who keep sending me photos of your penises – a chance to get it published in print!  You can also tell your stories.

Check out the web site:  http://101penis.com/


4 responses to “This art project is very close to my ….. heart :-)”

  1. bill says:

    the e-mail address does not work 🙁

  2. I would love to feature in your blog as I am most keen to explode the pornography lable that dicks get.

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