Why a site dedicated to Penis Art?   first of all….. Why Not?  Is the penis not the center of the universe?  Does not life itself revolve around the circular whims of the penis?  Is the penis not present in every decision made by our human race?

It is my personal philosophy, that human society could be summed up in four words: “It’s all about Dick”

But seriously, why a site dedicated to contemporary Penis Art?   –  because, its about time! The male member is most definitely an icon of our society and deserved its own platform.

In this site, I have chosen contemporary art pieces where the penis is the subject matter, or the main metaphor in the piece.

If you know of other art who’s subject matter is the male penis, please send it to me and I would be glad to update.  Also if you are an artist and would like your art to appear on this most prestigious site, please email me at penisart.org@gmail.com

As Louise Bourgeois said,

“When I wanted to represent something I loved, I obviously represented a little penis.”