Why a site dedicated to Penis Art?   first of all….. Why Not?  Is the penis not the center of the universe?  Does not life itself revolve around the circular whims of the penis?  Is the penis not present in every decision made by our human race?

It is my personal philosophy, that human society could be summed up in four words: “It’s all about Dick”

But seriously, why a site dedicated to contemporary Penis Art?   –  because, its about time! The male member is most definitely an icon of our society and deserved its own platform.

In this site, I have chosen contemporary art pieces where the penis is the subject matter, or the main metaphor in the piece.

If you know of other art who’s subject matter is the male penis, please send it to me and I would be glad to update.  Also if you are an artist and would like your art to appear on this most prestigious site, please email me at penisart.org@gmail.com

As Louise Bourgeois said,

“When I wanted to represent something I loved, I obviously represented a little penis.”



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  1. Hi!
    I’m a glassblower from Finland. My name “Jorma” means a dick in Finnish language. It’s a same kind of joke like “Richard is a dick”.
    So I came to this idea of making glass penis carafes as a signature pieces. I would love to show you pictures of those magnificent carafes just to get little feedback.
    Is there email address of yours I can send couple of pictures?
    Thank you!
    Jorma “Jokke” Rahja

  2. i agree to every word. cock is the center of the universe !
    we were all a result of cock giving sperm, cock is our creator.
    we have cock, therefore we have the power of the creator.
    cock is very divine.
    great job,

  3. All I can say about your site is “it’s about time” The power and the masculinity of the penis has been condemned by most societies for too long. As I am sure you know, African societies celebrate the penis as a fertility symbol and carve phallic sculptures. I also learned the Bhutanese do the same and paint a very anatomically correct large painting of the owners penis, true to size and shape. The celebrate fertility that way. I am a freelance commercial photographer who is trying to break into the art field with my images. I have done some male nudes and penis pictures I thougfht were artistic and most have been rejected in the commercial field. You posted two of my images, one in the P.P.P. area and the other in the gallery. THANKS!!! YOu have encouraged me to pursue the theme, after all it is close to my heart (as a man). I will be submitting more images that were inspired by the site soon. Thanks again!!!

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