Berlin Artist – Herve’ unveils his new series – “Little Monsters”

Herve’ is a photographer living in Berlin.  His new series, Little Monsters has an interesting twist to it, as well as an interesting title.

When I asked Herve’ what motivated him to create this series, his answer was:

The small – but all too big – difference between men and women is over coded with meanings, fraught with expectations, that have turned an innocent difference into a millennium-old hierarchy.

The series Little Monsters revisits the infamous object and offers a de-constructive reflection on its symbolic power. Those little monsters do not have a male body to support them, nor to inject them with the blood needed to perform their erected glory. But they are not dead. They get a life of their own, no longer threatening, almost comic. In Hervé’s visual study qualities like force, domination and power are dissolved but leave a trace. In the space of their absence we can suddenly see anew — with empathetic eyes — a strange and vulnerable organ that hardly resembles its old self.

.Little monsters3 Little monsters

I asked him how people have responded to his work:

So far people have smiled and were very curious, as they have never thought a penis could evoke such associations. The images resemble cute little monsters, not hard errected power-tools. This approach is meant to be a humorous comment on the visual representation of the penis in porn and elsewhere.
What do you think?
To see the whole series, go here: