This picture was sent in as part of the PPP project, but I think I’ll post it in the Art Gallery – What do you think?

This picture was sent in by “Anonymous”.  It was not his first picture.   His first pictures were for the PPP project and they were these:

DSC03999  IMG05094-20110703-1204


I thought they were interesting, yet what was more interesting was what he wrote:

“I have always considered the penis as an art form. I have spent some time attempting to show the penis as a beautiful and powerful image through my own photography. I have attached a couple of images for you, I hope you consider them to be suitable for your page. I would love to hear any feedback you have.”

We began writing back and forth, and he began experimenting with new photographs.  One was very interesting and thought provoking but since it had his face in it and he  wishes to remain anonymous it will not be posted.   This one however will be posted in the Gallery page, as I think it a very interesting piece of art not only for the work itself but the motivation behind it.  As “Anonymous” wrote to me:
“Although they are still very much a celebration of male sexuality and blatantly display the penis, I think that the composition is much better. These images to me represent a general glorification of the male nude which I feel is somewhat repressed in our society. It is so easy to access images of female nudes (which I also like very much) but I think it is a shame that the male form (especially aroused) is somewhat overlooked as a none attractive proposition. As a 30+ male, I have been interested in both the female and male form and whilst I would admit that the female nude by default can look more attractive than the male, I do think that the male body captured naked and artistically is quite a wonderful thing.”
Shaded nude male