Interview with Czech Artist NATAS

I would like to introduce to you artist Eva Nováková, who goes by the name NATAS in her artwork.  Below is an interview with the artist, and afterwards you can see some of her stimulating and thought provoking work on her website links below.  Way to go NATAS! keep up the interesting art!

Natas works in many mediums including photography, painting, and poetry.  Her works are displayed in Prague in alternative venues such as music clubs and web galleries.  She says she has trouble in showing her work in more conventional venues:

“The Czechs are overly prudish and false. They make sex, talking about it, but do not say it out loud. Someone likes it, the other does not. Somebody nature seems rude,inappropriate and disruptive.”

“In writing and painting enjoying sex symbol as a mirror of society and the times in which we live. The company is falselyprudish. In drawing express their opinions, attitudes, emotions on topics such as: relationships, polygamy, infidelity, politics, society, morality, and more. I paint what people in the Czech Republic afraid to say. “

Why do you use the penis in your work?

“Why penis? It is a collection of “How do men love to play,” interested me growing trend of eroticism through the internet and anonymity associated with it.” 

How to play men IV. - bound in chains

Sketch 1: How to play men VI. – every dick needs a nightie (pajamas), sheet A3 / 297 × 420 millimeters, Technique: drawing – alcohol fix, Symbolism: Men love outfits and costumes. Fetishism with humor. 
How to play men VI. - every dick needs a nightie (pajamas)
Sketch 2: How to play men IV. – bound in chaos, sheet A3 / 297 × 420 millimeters, Technique: drawing – alcohol fix,Symbolism: Men like to have fun and try new things. Interest men of experiment bordering on extreme performance self-denial, without realizing the potential consequences. The growing trend submisivyty in men. Desire to be humbled andrecharged. 

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