Phallic shaped oil dispenser for when you want to “splash on” the oil

These  wonderful hand blown glass carafes definitely deserve a spot on this site.  They make you think in a completely different way about oil when you use them.   The question  of “how much oil” to use when cooking or making your salad will never quite be the same when you are using these dispensers!

phallus 5 Phallus Carafe 2012 phallus1 (1)

If you would like to order one, please check out the web site of Mission Control Lab

designed and created by Baron Jorma Rahja

Two activist art groups make huge penis-art for political statements.

The Russian underground art group that calls itself Voina created in my opinion one of the best political pieces of art of our times – simple and “to the point” (pun intended)

Check out this video of them in action:

for more information about this group, check out them out:

Apparently though, they aren’t the only activist group that seems to think the penis has something in common with the government.  Check out “Shift // Delete”‘s statement on British Parlement

you can see more of their activist works at their website: